Workplace Adjustments

The gang adjusts to the newest addition to the team.

Strip is a few days because of travel times —  stopped in Louisiana for a couple of days and now am in Texas visiting family for a bit. Will you accept this guffawing zebra as restitution?


Of course you will. Will try to get the next strip up Friday, but if I don’t we’ll just assume the zebra ate it.

  • David Barrack

    Hah hah, the once and future king. That’s fantastic.

    • PancakeMan

      its DAVE!

  • podian

    That’s one of the best threats I’ve ever read.

  • dragonus45

    Oh look, a strawman.

  • EllieGhost

    Best Excalibur reference i’ve seen so far. Kudos.

  • toxic delirium

    superbitch totally reminds me of Nemi. That’s not a bad thing, If you aren’t familiar with her, you should look her up.