Will the Real Superbitch Please Stand Up

The current story arc starts here.

So by now at least half of you have hopefully gotten your Kickstarter rewards in the mail. The other half…I’m currently battling the post office, who for whatever reason won’t let me print any shipping labels for the time being.



Should be cleared up in a couple of days, though, so all domestic backers should have their books by the end of the month.

  • GamerKale

    Heheh, a friend of mine just used that “Strong-Independent-Black-Woman-Who-Don’t-Need-No-Man” line last night when we were playing 2 headed giant and one player kept telling the other two how to play since they were using his decks.

    • GamerKale

      Oh, slightly misread. Meh, point stands. And still funny.

      Unrelated, what powers does Art Hobo, now Paragon, actually have? I mean, I know SB is basically superman, but I’m not sure I’ve seen Caroline use a lot of powers. I know she has flight, super strength, and I believe I’ve seen her make barriers before. Presumably she has some level of durability, unless that’s just a specialized use of her barriers.

  • zgrssd

    That is not how “Ladies first” is supposed to work today.