White Flag

The current story arc starts here.

  • Chris Waters

    Heh. Good way to get everything done now between the two.

  • http://www.giantgirladventures.com/ Sabrina Pandora

    Short, white and pouty.

    Pretty sure I dated her at least twice.

  • http://www.reecebridger.com/ Reece Bridger

    ‘Bitch, after the day I’ve had, you think I want HALF-caf?’ B’yeah there really aren’t many other ways for these two to get any catharsis.

  • RazorD9


  • Chris Waters

    She gets called short…

    Just how tall are all the characters anyway?

    …I’m fussy, I like to know these things. :P

    • KCGarza

      Hah, well since you asked — originally, Rheagan was the tallest at around 6’2″ with the heels; about 5’8″ without them. Caroline’s supposed to be about 5’2″, which is actually close to average for women. And Quinn’s right at around 6′.

      All of this gets thrown out the window pretty frequently when it comes to actually drawing them however, since I often have to fit several characters plus their dialogue in the same panel. So really just Rheagan>Quinn>Caroline is the rule of thumb.