What’s Crackin’?

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So this strip is the first one I’ve done almost entirely in Manga Studio 5 and I’m not really sure how I feel about it. There’s definitely a learning curve, and I still haven’t completely figured it out yet, but I feel like once I get the hang of it, it’ll speed up the whole comic-ing process significantly. I really like inking in MS — it’s really fluid and has even better pen pressure than Photoshop, which I wasn’t expecting. I’m not crazy about the lettering and word balloons though, and still prefer Illustrator much more. But again, that might just be a matter of practice and getting all the settings adjusted to my liking.

Anyway tl;dr: Manga Studio’s fuckin’ hard y’all.


Oh also, this week Superbitch became a member of the Collective of Heroes! Go check it out and see some other great superhero webcomics.

Oh also also: Holy shit, I just realized this was my 100th strip! (I didn’t count those filler strips from when the shit was hitting the fan finals week) YAAAAAS! :D

  • David Nuttall

    So does the timing of this have anything to do with a certain current mayor of Toronto, Ontario? We’ve been watching this over the last few years; it has only been in the last few weeks that the rest of the world has been noticing.

    • KCGarza

      Eh, more or less. It was originally going to be some other scandal like prostitution or something similar, but with all the Ford stuff on the news I just couldn’t resist.

  • Reece Bridger
    • KCGarza


      • Reece Bridger

        WHOOTAH! Can I get my points in the form of chocolate, Diet Coke, or hugs? ouo

        • KCGarza

          ….All of the above?

  • Deikon AL


  • dragondeathlord .

    Strangely I think Superbitch could do a Great Job if she sat back and hired her rival to run things, besides Cecilia will turn out to be a two faced scum. How do I know? Shes a Politician at Least Superbitch Admits she a Scum ball with a Smile! Like said refreshing! So who would you vote for?

    • http://barn0wl.deviantart.com/ John

      Rheagan. Absolutely.

  • David Barrack

    I’m a multi program artist myself. I pencil and ink in Manga Studio, do lettering and panels in Illustrator, and color in Paint Tool SAI. Sometimes I do some effects in MS as the very last step because you can set up some neat image hose type brushes and other effects. I could take the time to learn to color in MS but I don’t like the default tools for it. MS does have terrible lettering though.

    • KCGarza

      Yeah I’ve always used Illustrator and Photoshop myself, but I really wish there was a program that could just do it all so it doesn’t use up so much CPU. I could see Manga Studio being that program if they fixed the lettering stuff.

  • Gary C.

    Funny how getting caught *before* the election makes a bigger difference than getting caught after; it can keep one from getting elected in the first place, but not be enough to get one (deservedly) summarily removed from office…