The Improv-ers

  • Mechwarrior

    Steve is being useful again?

    Uh oh.

    • RazorD9

      I know, been waiting for fire to rain from the sky.

  • Sabrina Pandora

    In Mediocropolis, no one really gives a shit about their job.

    Basically like real life.

    • KCGarza

      She must be from the same hiring agency as Camille Contreras’s henchpeople.

      • Sabrina Pandora

        “Are you in it for the hourly, and willing to phone it in? Then we’ve got a job for you!”

  • EpsilonRose

    Where did Steve’s sunglasses go in the last panel?

    • Red Admiral

      Same place as Paragon’s mask went I imagine. Hero’s often seem have a hyperspace pocket for small items.

      • KCGarza


  • Ichneumon Jones

    Ah yes, the old “Bavarian Fire Drill” technique…

    For a good time, Google the term, and read the page from the search results. Expand the “REAL LIFE” section which lists many examples of people actually pulling this off.

    • KCGarza

      I can’t visit TV Tropes during the work day. It’s like falling down a well. Or a time warp. ._.

  • Amaar√©

    I assume I’m not the only one imaging Steve doing the whole *snap snap wiggle* “Uhuhhh girlfriiiend!” bit here.

    • Eclipse Avora

      No, no you are not. EXACTLY how it played in my head, too. :D

    • Ichneumon Jones


  • GamerKale

    They make surprisingly realistic government inspectors/auditors.

  • Eric Loken

    Rheagan has serious crazy eyes…

  • Browser

    I love how they appear surprised in that last panel.