Supervillain Racket

The current story arc starts here.

I know some people are having some issues with the site guys, I just haven’t gotten the chance to sit down and take a look at it. Might be because I haven’t updated to the newest version of WordPress yet, but I’m not sure yet. If you are finding some weird things going on with the navigation buttons or anything else, let me know but also let me know what browser you’re using. Hopefully I’ll get it all sorted out by Monday!

  • Chris Waters

    Rhegan needs Tivo or something like that to auto-record.

    Camille Contreras huh? Either that’s not her villain name or she just never came up with one.

    But Camille…hard to lure someone to the dark side when they’re already wearing a shade of grey.

  • zgrssd

    Actualyl that does raise a good question;
    Why is SB a Hero for Hire? Rather then a Villain?

    • GamerKale

      Well, at this point she’s kind of committed seeing as she’s pretty well known.

      Before that though, uh maybe she just didn’t want to have to deal with fighting/evading cops.

  • Chuck

    In regards to the home page not updating, I use Google Chrome. I’ve cleared my cookies and cleared my cached images and files, I’ve hit refresh, I’ve gone to google and entered “superbitch” and still end up at the Maximum Security page as the home page.

  • GamerKale

    I was on my phone, Android, but it seems to be working fine now.

  • Chuck

    Looks like the home page is updating with the most recent page now!

    • KCGarza


  • Sabrina Pandora

    Hey hey, you fixed it! Way to go lady!