Superbitch vs. The Art Hobo

The current story arc starts here.


  • Dana Moore

    Some how I did not expect Paragon/Art Hobo to start this off so well.

    • Chris Waters

      I don’t think Superbitch did either.

      • zgrssd

        The one most suprised appears to be art hobo/paragon herself.

        This is the first time we see her attacking anybody (even if it is mostly a redirect). Se appears either suprised she is able to do that, or shocked that she is doing that.

        • OrlahEhontas

          I think their both at about the same level of astonishment. They both have a “What the F**K just happened?!?” expression on their faces in the third panel.

          I laughed!

  • Herb Wills

    $1,500? Because of its value as an antique? That thing is huge!

    • zgrssd

      This is a professional camera. Not your 100$ tourist hand camera. Nor you “just to have one” phone camera.

      500 € is the price of a professional digital camera (the non moving picture kind). It goes up from there.
      So that thing is actually kinda cheap for a profesional news team.

      • adam

        A true professional camera, the kind used by a news crew would be closer to $50,000.

        • OrlahEhontas

          For a local news agency (cameraman and reporter in a mini-van), $1500.00 sounds about right. Headline News or CNN would probably have the $50K model, since they’re hopping the globe and they need something a touch sturdier.

          • Marika Oniki

            And all of the ones shown on there, at least that I can find, are barely half the size of the one in the comic. So Herb has a point.

  • GamerKale

    Another day, another bill. Business as usual for SuperBitch and The Art Hobo.

  • podian

    So we learn that Art Hobo/Paragon actually CAN hold her own in a fight – that puts this comic in a whole new disturbing light…

  • Nabukuduriuzhur

    A lot more than $1500 from the looks of it. A modern high resolution camera can be more than $50 grand at places like BHphotovideo/