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Also known as the Batman Maneuver.

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  • John

    Hi Kennedy! I just discovered SB. (Rheagan was featured as the “prove you’re not a robot voting thing” on TWC.) Hilarious! Read through the entire archive tonight. Love the comic.

    • KCGarza

      Thanks John, I appreciate it. :)

  • Red Admiral

    I guessing/hoping that Reg will get bored and leave before the final voting takes place, leaving the candidate who seem like she knows what’s she’s doing (Cecilia Henderson) as the only choice. This, off course relies on Dick having dropped out previously.

    • KCGarza

      Mmmm maybe…>.>; Stay tuned!

    • David

      But it would be more interesting if she does go through with it.

  • Speedcow

    well Rheagan is better than anyone else anyways.

    • John

      I’d vote for her. Better than anyone else I’ve seen on a ballot in years!

      • Speedcow

        Exactly! with that attitude she would even have some youngsters on a leash!

  • dragondeathlord .

    I personally Never seen a reality were Politicians did what they Promised So I believe by this Logic Super Bitch will Do like all Politicians the exact opposite of what they Promise worse comes to worse and she a selfish bitch at least SB is honest mayor who kept her complain Promises!.

  • Blaydewind

    First time posting, but I’ve been reading for weeks now. Love your work and look forward to seeing more.

    Is there any chance of you running for president? Please? If you run on SBs’ platform I’m sure you’d be a shoo-in.

  • Professor Fate

    C’mon Rheagan, you don’t want that Mayor’s job. The first time you have to sit through a budget meeting or a public hearing and hear people bitch and moan about everything that’s wrong you’ll take off through the roof and never come back.

    • :P

      but isn’t there some quote about people who want power should never have it? maybe politics is like holistic medicine in the enlightenment.
      doing nothing is better than bleeding the patient to balance out their bile humors so it actually seemed to work for a while. how do we know for sure her bailing won’t leave the city better off until we try it?

  • BL2 badass!

    I love your Alt Text! Because my sirens name is brick and she is the prettiest!

    • KCGarza

      I love that you caught the reference. :D

  • :P

    to be fair “i’m an asshole because i’m poor” is a pretty shit excuse.
    plenty of poor people AREN’T murdering bastards.
    “blame the system” is exactly as bad as “affluenza”

  • :P

    I would vote for a politician who ran on “i punch the economy” so I’m one of those idiots cheering for cupcakes

  • A.S. Williams

    This arc is just so perfect for 2015…

  • Brian Mann

    This eerily foretells the Trump candidacy… lol