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EW, no, not whatever you were thinking.

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  • Sebastian Ferguson

    so, is this like a Jekyl/Hyde scenario going on? the repressed douche revealed through the efforts to become the hyper-masculine identity that society pushes on young men to become?

    • Some Punk

      looks like it’s more of a drug problem than that.

      Ya know…. he needs his fix just to feel normal and when he’s on his crap he’s a completely different person. He doesn’t realize that he’s different because of the crap that he’s abusing.

  • Sabrina Pandora

    Linky no worky if the graphic is meant to be a hotlink.

  • Jeff Peck

    So, Steve’s super sauce basically turns him into a superdick…

    • zgrssd

      And not even the kind of dick that has fun potential for most involved.

      • EllieGhost

        Steve is a special kind of dick. The one kind that tattoed on a drunk ass party snoozer’s face with permanent marker: imaginary hideous and wherever you go with, people looks at you with looks from self-amusement to disbelief at nicest.

    • Jeff NME

      More like super-arse.

  • podian

    Wow. His power is literally being a super-jerk.

  • Chris Waters

    Something about Rhegan’s face in panel #5 is just so cool.

    • Pinkk

      Agreed. Panel 4 and 5 really made her look good without those shades.

  • drachnon

    Is it just me or is the button for previous page missing?

    • KCGarza

      Nah it wasn’t just you, but it’s back now.

  • haagendattsu

    The fact that his chin was gradually becoming more like Stan Smith’s with every panel should’ve been an indication that ” douchebag steve ” was about to return. # saw it coming

    • KCGarza

      Haha glad somebody picked up on that.

  • Matthew Barnes

    So THAT’S why Rhegyn fell for Steve in the first place.