• http://www.amaare.com Amaar√©

    Dammit Caroline!
    …Ahh who am I kidding I couldn’t stay mad at you!

  • Sebastian Ferguson

    well, tbf, Hell isn’t that bad. It’s a prison for sinners, so your punishment should fit the crime.

    • Mechwarrior

      She’ll probably be stuck as SB’s sidekick for eternity. In her original costume

      • Nigel Kirk

        I would think if not paying a debt is the crime, she’d be forced to be the debt collector’s accountant for all eternity. Which is probably punishment enough for a F.A. Major.

  • Mechwarrior

    Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company- Mark Twain

    Besides, it’s not like SB was going somewhere else.

  • http://www.giantgirladventures.com/ Sabrina Pandora

    It dawns on me- she wore her costume to meet Quinn’s girlfriend?

    Seriously Caroline… first a tank top and sweatpants with a towel wrapped around your neck, now you just wear this all the time? Fucksakes, even Rheagan has civilian clothes, and her costume IS just regular clothes!

    There needs to be a fashion intervention.

    • KCGarza

      Ain’t got no time to go home and change when you’re saving the world! Also I got tired of drawing civilian clothes.

      • Mechwarrior

        Maybe she’s still on duty?

      • Sabrina Pandora

        Caroline really wanted to impress Lisa and the uniform makes an impression. Plus everyone knows there’s never a phone booth around and changing in public restrooms is naaaasty.

  • http://www.ramen-empire.com/ Bart

    My only experience with a Keurig involved cockroaches. The device was literally infested. In my mind, they are cockroach machines. So when he indirectly compares fixing a Keurig to dealing with the forces of Hell, my reaction, “Yeah, that’s about par.”