Red Dot

Kennedy, are you attempting to start a new story arc in the midst of finals week?

Why yes I am, other Kennedy, yes I am.

I will probably regret that decision. Also just as a reminder, the Superbitch Store is offering free shipping this week and it ends on Sunday at midnight Pacific Time.

Update Friday 11/22: Hey guys, sorry I’ve basically been on radio silence the last week. I finished up my finals yesterday and then immediately drove 10 hours from Georgia to Louisiana. Probably should have gotten a buffer prepared before this week, but, y’know, fuckit. Anyway new strip will be up on Monday, and then will resume as normal now that I’m off for the holidays and have some more free time.

  • David Nuttall

    It’s a … kid with a laser pointer.

    • Kennedy

      ………….Dang. Good call. >.>

  • SpinelesS

    Sounds like someones a fan of archer other barry.

    • Kennedy

      I freaking love Archer. Other Kennedy does too.

  • RayNAiken

    First time commenting but I’ve been lurking for a while. You say you were ill. I hope you’re feeling better. Go out to Tybee and smell the ocean air. It’ll be good for you.

  • Guest

    he never said what faith. maybe hindu