Rad Influence

  • Pinkk

    Saw that 6 million and was like “Huh” o.O Then I realized it must be a global number and not national. Or just made up.

  • http://www.giantgirladventures.com/ Sabrina Pandora

    I think panel 4 needs to be a t-shirt. Or a meme at least.

  • David Nuttall

    You so do not want Superbitch as your pitch-person. This is her version of reverse psychology, right?

    • Zeterai

      For that kind of work, you want Superpitch. It’s like her evil universe counterpart, she’s great at selling things.

      • Chris Waters

        Funny, I thought her evil universe counterpart would be Supersaint…a woman who always uses defensive moves to stop things from happening, gives generously to charity, and has never touched a drop of alcohol (save for church wine) in her life…

  • Chris Waters

    Miss Mayor really doesn’t get what she has working for her, does she?

    Superbitch isn’t a role model. She isn’t someone to be all nice in public appearances. She’s miss “call when there’s a big crisis, pay well, and watch her punch a meteor out of Earth’s path”.

    • podian

      More like “Punch the Earth out of meteor’s path” – that’s more amusing.

      • Chris Waters

        Nah, she wouldn’t punch Earth. That’s where she keeps all her stuff. She accidentally destroy her shot glasses if she did that!

  • GamerKale

    Somebody get SB a script writer, I mean she’s doing fine, but if she got herself a professional writer she could definitely elevate things and add some real punch to her pitches. After all, this isn’t some political campaign you can half-ass, this is advertising.

  • Pinkk

    Wait a minute. Switching to weed and being like everyone else is boring! O.O

  • RazorD9

    For being the mayor’s bitch, S.B. is given a lot of leash to walk with.

    • Pinkk

      Oh, the mayor knew SB was going to be a handful even under whatever contract she has her on. Even with the threat of her rep, SB has a certain rep to begin with.

  • Bosda

    Ms Cooke-Garcia–just exactly what are Superbitch’s powers?
    Does the Art Hobo even have powers?

    • Lexy A.

      Flying, Super-strength, Incredible damage resistance, auxiliary powers to make all of the above functional… Creatrix (Art Hobo) can summon up an energy shield of some description… Snark and rampant alcoholism. That’s all that comes to mind for the moment.

      • Bosda

        Wasn’t the Hobo able to fly, at one point?

        • Lexy A.

          The first section was supposed to apply to both of them; I guess I didn’t make that apparent.

  • This guy

    Why is everything she just said the reason why I don’t smoke?