I am actually quite pissed at how long this strip took. Not because it was particularly difficult, but because my computer for whatever reason has basically slowed to a crawl lately, and having Photoshop open for more than even an hour causes it to be basically inoperable. If I had to guess, I probably just need to update the OS, but Imma have it looked at anyway.

So I’m probably going to go back and re-touch this page at some point, but for now…new story arc! Stay tuned.

  • Chronicler

    Have you tried…
    A) Defragmenting your computer
    B) Closing a few start-up programs though MSConfig?

    • Kennedy

      I use a Mac, so I’m not sure if I can do either of those on it, but thanks anyway. I’m having a friend take a look at it soon.

  • Jaydot Sloane

    I hear PS on a mac is real stupid sluggish if you have a bunch of stuff on your desktop. Don’t know if that applies here, but hey.

    • Kennedy

      Ahhh, that might explain it. I have a veritable blanket of random shit covering the desktop right now. >.>