Probably Should Have Seen That Coming

The current story arc starts here.

So why were the comments not working earlier this morning? I don’t fucking know, blame our tech support.


Yeah I only hired them for their looks, WHAT OF IT?!

Should be back online now. In other news, the printers did refund me for their fakery, and sometime today or tomorrow I should be getting the (new) proof of the book in, which means hopefully maybe possibly I can finally get this shipping show on the road. Stay tuned!

  • Christopher

    Teleporters and Desolidifers can be SOO annoying to deal with. Or scary, depending on the writer and storyline.

  • Sabrina Pandora

    Seriously, who can remember what all of these sociopaths can do with their powers? It’s hard enough remembering all of Don Whitman’s complex backstory so we can genuinely comprehend just what a facade Don Draper truly is and what he actually represents as a reflection of his era and his industry.

  • OrlahEhontas

    Yeah, Caroline, you really should have seen that coming…

    but hey, at least Rheagan has her priorities in order. :)

    Oh, and good luck with the tech support team, AKA The Static Generators, Cute, but severely hazardous to most electronics.

  • Dana Moore

    Hey I use that tech crew and my computer runs fine!