Player 3 Has Entered the Game

The current story arc starts on this page.

Finally back to near normalcy now that Thanksgiving’s over. I thought I’d have more time as soon as I was done with the Fall quarter, but then winter break was like LOLNO.

Speaking of American traditions of dubious origins, GET YER CYBER MONDAY ON IN THE STORE! Free shipping worldwide! Get your prints, shirts, and iphone/laptop cases, all without having to trample over any small children and old people!


…I mean, you can still do that, if you want, just don’t say I told you to.

  • Reece Bridger

    Welp. She’s got my vote.

  • zgrssd

    She should be warned. Actually seeing how much her “defending the city” costs in damages could be bad for her self estem.
    And I think they expect superheroics for free from the Mayor.

  • Xedz

    Is this a reference to Hiram McDaniels, the actual five-headed dragon that ran for mayor of Night Vale?