Plan A

The current story arc starts here.

Hey guys, I’ve been hearing that the site’s homepage has been stuck on the strip from November 3 for the last few updates. Obviously a cache problem, but I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. Think I’ve fixed it now, but if you could let me know that you’re seeing this page on your browser, that’d be bitchin’.

  • zgrssd

    “Why are you are hero”?
    “It is less trouble then being the villain and less then normal work.”

    Or “Superheroics as the easy way of living”. The new book by Superbitch.

  • GamerKale

    I am seeing this page on my browser. Which is the base one for my android.

    Really, Rheagan? You’re just going to waste that? What kind of alcoholic are you?

  • Pinkk

    I was stuck on that page but now all is clear! Had to come back to read missed strips!