The current story arc starts here.

Update: For those curious about the color of Caroline’s new costume, here’s the concept art I did of it from earlier this year: 10574323_910918518923417_5354565135121680905_n


That’s a drawback of the comic being purely black and white, but maybe it won’t always be…..?

  • Chris Waters


    *Picks the JLU theme.

    • David Nuttall

      Or something by John Williams.

    • Blaydewind

      “Hobo humpin’ slo-bo babe…”

  • GamerKale

    Tch, Renegade for life.

    • Dassina

      More fun to walk the path between. I got the Illusive man and Saren to commit suicide. Sure I could have shot them, which would be the renegade option, or tried to redeem them, the paragon option, but it is more satisfying to guilt them into committing suicide and then dancing on their bodies.

      • podian

        So given the choice between Paragon and Renegade, you choose Jerkass.

  • RazorD9

    Let’s hope our new hero can prove to be a good example for our ex-hero. Though can’t help to think how ironic it would be it Art Ho-err, Paragon resorted to blackmail again.

    • Brian Mann

      “Art Ho-err”

      That’s pretty rude… :D

  • Sabrina Pandora

    Nice. She looks genuinely earnest in that final panel. The consideration of the panel before as she looks herself over, and a genuine embracing of destiny there at the end. Still snarky, still funny… yet dramatic and moving all the same.

  • Pinkk

    O.O Love this!

  • Jordan Hiller

    Dang! She looks totally legit now! (Please forgive me for saying legit),

  • David Nuttall

    I would love to see that last panel in full colour. Paragon, definitely sounds like “top of the food chain.” In fact, I think that is the name Supermom uses.

    • KCGarza

      Oh shit, you’re totally right. DAMMIT, why didn’t I double-check on that….

      • Chris Waters

        Well, two ways about that:

        1)You could use that as funny for the comic, where Caroline ends up having to look through trademarks to find which hero name ISN’T used.


        2)If you’re not that concerned about it, just ignore it like DC and Marvel did with the name “Captain Marvel” for years until the New 52 came along.

        • Sabrina Pandora

          Plus I think AC Comics over in Longwood also has a “Paragon” character. I think Chris has the right of it- let it ride. it’s a good name and there’s room for more than one in the world.

      • Clay Campbell Esq

        Maybe even use it for an excuses for a crossover.

  • Blaydewind

    Looks like SOMEBODY took a level in Bad-ass.

  • OrlahEhontas

    The game… It steps up…

    And while nobody else commented on it, I definitely like the new costume coloration.
    I do tend to go with Edna Mode though. Dump the cape! It looks snazzy, but it’s like long flowing locks on fighters. Another handle for the bad guy to grab. Or worse. The fate of Stratogale comes to mind…

  • nroejb

    I like the new design, but already miss the “college lol” shirt regardless.

    • GamerKale

      It may yet make a return.

  • Keith Blumenfeld

    Well, looking at the comments, I guess.. it’s not a reference to Paragon City, from the beloved and to-soon-departed game City of Heroes….