New Things


So at this point I should probably go ahead and own up to the fact I just can’t continue the comic anymore right now.


Those of you who’ve been following my posts for a while now know that I lost my job a while back. Since then I’ve been working on a lot of smaller freelance projects (and currently, a few not so smaller ones.) It’s been great transitioning into doing this full time, but the fact of the matter is right now the comic’s just not earning enough money to be a priority. Superbitch has always been a passion project, but unfortunately those don’t always pay the bills.


BUT I can promise you the comic’s not going away forever — I actually have something big in store for it much later down the road. I can’t talk a whole lot about the things I’m working on right now, but Patreon backers got a slightly more in-depth explanation last night.

In the meantime, you can keep in the know of things by pledging to said Patreon, or the much free-er alternative of subscribing to my new mailing list I just set up. It’ll let you know what shows and cons I have coming up, tell you when new prints are available in the shop, and get the occasional freebie comic or sketch or whatnot.

I’m disappointed I have to do this, but I’m also really excited for some of the stuff I’m going to have coming out this year, and I think you will be too. Strap in, bitchlets. 2016’s gonna be a ride. :)