One Upper

Yesterday I made a quick update on the Kickstarter, for those of you that missed it. Basically I’m sending the books to the printer at the end of next week!

I’m also graduating college next week.

Hold me.

  • Chris Waters


    (Also, you may wanna rethink that “hold me” line, Kennedy. Someone could SERIOUSLY take that the wrong way).

  • Sabrina Pandora

    Hahahahaha! I do love this strip.

    Also, art school grad with a job lined up and her first book coming out? Buy a lottery ticket while you are on fire!

  • Scott Madison

    I Think I’ll take that line in exactly the way it was meant.

    There, there. There, there. There, there… Would you like a hot beverage?

    -And the rest of the universe is not nearly as scary as it appears. In fact, most of it isn’t Scary at all, -It’s just Stupid. Really, Really, Really Stupid. So stupid as to be Scary, but that ruins the point I’m making.

    (AND YES, Hugging is not the same as Holding, two completely different emotional patterns are involved.)

    You’ll be fine. Congratulations on meeting and crossing this life goal. Go forth. Do Great Things. You’ll be fine.

  • Hollow Shel

    New reader. Finished my archive binge and gotta say I’m addicted. Bitch! (in a good way, of course :D)