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Aaaaand done! Well, barely a week in and school’s already threatening to kick my ass. Mostly because I’m taking a course on Maya, which I haven’t used in four years and didn’t really know that well when I did take it. Still, I’ve got some pretty cool projects this quarter.

Oh and here’s the little Wonder Woman doodle I used as filler this morning.


  • David Nuttall

    Nice trademark infringement :)

    Thinking of Superbitch: “I am woman; hear me rant!”

    • adam

      It’s not an infringement, clearly it is a satire.

  • adam

    I thought at first that during college, SB dressed like Wonder Woman.

    • Sabrina Pandora

      The SHAME!

  • Miles

    Ahh yes. School is kicking my butt too… and on the first day. I already have assignments due… assignments which I need the book to complete that I shall not be able to afford just yet, as I chose to continue living indoors, and to continue surviving by purchasing food to eat. How careless of me!
    Additionally, it seems despite registering for an in person class, and having to attend class twice weekly, it is in fact an online class. How very new and strange this is to me.

  • Jonathan Wint

    It would get her more votes and while not certain of the name of the charges in Canada It would be a Very Long time in Prison for Super Hippie.
    In real Life you can go Public with Photos and let the public decide but you are not allowed to got to a Political Figure and threaten EVER. Its why they Always Expose never Deal ever in real life. I my self Speaking as a Liberal Left-winger Hippie, that my real photo (yes I am a socialist with small s)who is in real Life Personality is closest to Super Hippie what she doing is FLAT OUT EVIL !
    You can not interfere with it just because you disagree with the Public choice.

    Democratic Process needs Protection even when you see the wrong person Elected. IF there even the wrong person, I mean Like I said closest Real world version of this shocked the crap out of every one .
    Bush Jr. subverted that Process in both elections just as Now Super Hippie is doing so Basically shes a Republican. Not a Hippie. She need a Re-branding. Super Young Republican!

    I hated when his father was Elected But I stood by it and would of died to Protect it, as he was honestly elected.

  • Sabrina Pandora

    Spring Break in Thailand- ohhhh yeah.

  • Roger Peritone

    You know…I’m siding with “superbitch” on this. She ran, and got elected legitimately.

    Her friend should just deal with it. What Caroline is doing is wrong, on any level. Just because she thinks that Rheagan would not do a good job? So what? She’s probably right, but the people were pretty much bluntly told what they were in for, and they voted her in anyway.

    While others would agree with Caroline; it wasn’t enough for Rheagan to lose, and would not be enough of an excuse to toss aside the democratic process.

    • Guesticus

      Agreed, what is Caroline’s problem? Apart from punching that intern/slave, what has Rheagan done (or not done) to show she would be any worse than the previous mayor?

      At least give her time to find out how un-fun being a Mayor is, and she will quit on her own

      Maybe the true SuperBitch is Caroline, not Rheagan

    • Hornet

      Actually Caroline with SB’s support (cause you know she’d end up doing all the work) could or could have been the best thing to happen to this city since sliced bread.