On Playing Well with Others

Yes you get points if you can name all three character cameos in that last panel.

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Monday, May 18th: It’s a bit late to be doing this now, but I’m reluctantly going to be putting the comic on a very temporary hiatus while I give my brain a break. Sorry guys. Hope to get the ball rolling again as early as next week.

  • dudejmass

    Maxima from Grrl Power on the right. On the left Gyno-star. The camo in the middle I forgot the name but I remeber that here cloths are all red and she has the ability to grow and shrink herself and objects.

    • Chris Waters

      Giant Girl

    • dudejmass

      found it her, name is giant girl which seems pretty obvious to me now

  • Ro’Vage St Laurent

    So who’s he supposed to be?

    • Gary C.

      Well it certainly isn’t The Spank from Super Redundant Heroes, as evidenced by the fact that he can talk…

      • Ro’Vage St Laurent

        Just love the look on Giant Girls face
        Think she’s checking out his ass

        • KCGarza

          Well she ain’t checkin’ out his hat.

        • http://www.giantgirladventures.com/ Sabrina Pandora

          Or she’s amused. “Of course I’ve seen one before, just not that small…”

      • Anarchyant

        Probably because he left his ball gag and gimp mask at “Banana’s” house :)

  • Chris Waters

    So at that point in time, since Caroline was still Art Hobo, that would have made her the Robin of the group, wouldn’t it?

    Poor girl.

  • GamerKale

    YES! More heroic crossovers!
    It took me a second to recognize Maxima without the purple hair.

    Hm, we even have a cameo by The Art Hobo! :D Seriously though, she does look much more heroic and professional as Creatrix. So… it never really occurred to me before since she looked like she was wearing little more than street clothes, but is Caroline going to start having street and hero clothes? Or is she just going to wear her hero clothes all of the time? I mean, Rheagan’s outfit works for both, but she’s SB and it looks like little more than street clothes anyways, which works for her.

    • Jeff Nme

      No purple hair, golden skin or elf ears did make Maxima a bit more anonymous.
      Giant Girl is also a bit harder to recognise without her usual “sandy eggo” red dress and fedora.

      • KCGarza

        The hat is doneskies, as per Sabrina’s request. It’s all in the latest GG story arc. And yeah, the comic not being in color makes it a bit harder.

      • Gary C.

        Shoulder patch and hairstyle was enough for me to ID Max, and even sans color (also knowing she’d just tossed the hat) Ronni’s dress style was distinct enough. Although if this is in the “past”, she really ought to have had the hat still. It’s ok that she doesn’t, just makes the timeline a little more wibbly-wobbly.

  • Gary C.

    Well, we knew that Gynostar was thinking about founding a new group, good to see she went ahead and tried…

  • Gary C.

    (Got all the points. Yay me!)

  • zgrssd

    The supers in the last panel from left to right appear to be:
    Superbitch, Gynostar, Art Hobo/Creatrix, Giant Girl, Steel Justice/Captain Asshole (who apparently thought this would be a BDSM 6-some) and Maxima (Grrl Power).

    Isn’t it odd that only SB and AH are trying to not see that? And that apparently GG is at least somewhat intrigued?

    • Chris Waters

      SB had been there, done that (well, we assume they did it) and never wants it again…and AH heard stories I’m guessing. The other three probably haven’t.

    • Pinkk

      SB looked like more of a facepalm and less of a look away.

    • Sigurther

      Good eye!!!

    • http://www.dragoneers.com/ Hogan

      Well spotted! *takes notes*

    • http://www.giantgirladventures.com/ Sabrina Pandora

      Well, y’know, Giant Girl will try pretty much anything once…

  • Yngvar Følling

    Cool crossover. But Steel Justice in the same room with Maxima? I doubt that there would be enough left of him to identify.

    • adam

      Maxima is in the military, which means she has seen far more foolish/desperate/hopeful stuff from fellow soldiers.

      • Yngvar Følling

        Well, it depends on whether we’ll ever hear the details behind the “Mosque Incident.” Anyway, she’s got Math to deal with, who is something of a letch in his own right. It’s hard to see what Max would do in a group like this anyway.

        • Sario528

          Kick ass and take names, same thing Max does in any group she’s in.

        • adam

          Math would get along so nicely with GynoStar.

  • Dana Moore

    Ok suddenly I wish to know how that listing was phrased so he had even a remote chance of misunderstanding it?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001618358534 Glen Murie

      Super Butch

    • Gary C.

      How about “Meetup to explore possible long-term alliance of alternative Superheros; non-mainstream types, body shapes, and orientations preferred”

      Innocent to the author, well-meant, and totally easy for pervs to misunderstand…

    • Ichneumon Jones

      “Superbitch seeks partners for group engaging in punishment, domination, and subjugation”.

  • Town Crier

    That, and every battle they get into, some guy yells, “CAT FIGHT!!!”, and the ogling begins.

  • Pinkk

    As I reread this, I can’t think a few thing. Giant Girl seems at least a bit interested in what she see’s. Likely doesn’t know him that well to be put off by his personality anyways.
    Creatrix (AH at the time) knows him well enough to be AHHH, with SB just facepalming.
    Maxima doesn’t seem like the type to just smack him, unless he makes a move on someone. Though I wonder if someone part of a government group like hers would be allowed in another group.
    Gyno Star I don’t know to well, the comic is boring, but the look on her face seems to be one of non shock. :p
    I think his best bet would’ve been to say “What? Trying a new costume out!” heh

  • Brian

    I like Maxima, but I’d love to see your version of Halo. :)

  • Yngvar Følling

    To see Dave Barrack’s take, vote for Grrl Power on http://topwebcomics.com/vote/11940/default.aspx

    The vote incentive includes Max, Superbitch and Gynostar. Also Deadpool.

    • David Nuttall

      A soon to be cremated Deadpool. So what if he gets better?

  • redgoat

    So are you okay?

  • http://www.giantgirladventures.com/ Sabrina Pandora

    Sometimes you gotta know when to say when.

  • bmw

    Hope you feel better soon, we all aren’t machines so you need a break once in a while.

  • Ichneumon Jones

    I just discovered Superbitch! today, and spent the past few hours reading all the archives. GREAT stuff, thanks! I’m really looking forward to your new work once you recharge.

  • Darrell White

    Is this a reference to the formation of the great lakes avengers and leatherboy?