Number 37

The current story arc starts here.

  • GamerKale

    Taco Tuesday man. Taco Tuesday. How can you say no to that?

    • disqus_UGsUNdbr7G

      The power of Tacos compels you

  • Dean

    Stay strong, 37! Hold out for casual Fridays!

    • OrlahEhontas

      Yeah, just think about it. She failed you in your hour of need once already. Don’t give in to the dark side or SB will feed your appendix to Mike.

      And she won’t use a painkiller to remove it either.

  • JasonMBryant

    I really like this comic. She recognizes the guy (he doesn’t have a number on his uniform) and remembers that he has kids. He’s not completely freaked out that she’s talking like this, so she must have talked to him about his family before, as opposed to just remembering his file.

    So despite being a villain, she’s good management. I like her. She deserves to win this one. I guess it makes sense that Superbitch’s evil nemesis is a people person. I hope we see more of her after this arc.

  • Pinkk

    Wait a minute! His appendix! That’s not really all that threatening. :p

  • Michael Mills

    rather have pizza Mondays but whatever floats those boats lol

  • :P

    you don’t need that organ

  • Jesse Henson

    No deal, unless you guarantee Karaoke Friday, too!