Not Today

Woops, I went almost all morning without realizing I forgot to schedule today’s strip in the queue.

ANYWAY, in case you missed it: THE KICKSTARTER HIT FUNDING THIS WEEK HELL YEAH FUCKIN’ RIGHT. An update is forthcoming, but basically I need to let you all know that the shipping process might take a little bit longer than anticipated, since I recently got a job at a game studio in Florida and I’ll be moving there after I graduate. It might be a little tricky handling the backer rewards while moving out of state, but I will definitely get everything shipped to you guys as soon as possible. Thanks to everybody who pledged, spread the word, or otherwise helped out. You guys rock.

ALSO: For those of you in the Savannah area, come see me at SwarmCon this weekend! I obviously won’t have any books for sale yet, but I’ll have some minis and maybe some prints and other goodies for sale. It’s at the Embassy Suites and Coastal Georgia Center at 605 West Oglethorpe Avenue and there will be many other badass talented artists there selling their wares.

  • Chris Waters

    Oooh, Florida. Welcome to the Sunshine State! *Is in Naples