Municipal Bored

The current story arc starts on this page.

I really have no idea what she could have been expecting.

In other news, LOOOK check out this awesome fanart by Koen Luyten, the artist half of Giant Girl Adventures!


  • zgrssd

    Nobody could have expected that. By wich I mean everyone but Meagan totally expected that.

  • Chuck

    FYI: The comic vote button and ads don’t appear on the left side of the home page. They are on the pages that end in “ of comic”.

    • KCGarza

      Yeah I know, and I’m not sure why. Has something to do with the theme I’m using and the plugin for the comic navigation, if I had to guess.

  • RazorD9

    Interns don’t quite have the same feel like everyone else.

    And OOOoooH! That bit of fanart is indeed awesome!

    • Kunnaki

      Of course interns don’t feel. They’re not people.

      And yes, the fanart is awesome. Didn’t know SB was Hispanic.

  • dragondeathlord .

    The Woman is actually doing the job right thats why its not fun…She needs to deligate and ignore her job and get into some drunken fights Like a real Political.

  • Ben Grismer

    Sooooooo… Quinn gets that money for science right? lol

  • Dreadogastus

    I believe Art Hobo is right. Ms. Rodriguez is not fit for the job. I will cut her some slack because of the decaf.