Roux there is played by Andrew Lemond, one of the Kickstarter backers that opted for the guest appearance in the strip. More to come soon!

  • Monochrome

    I worry this drink may kill non-super customers. And super customers. And Gods of any element other than alcohol.

    • zgrssd

      What about the gods of Hangovers?
      How would they fare?

      • podian

        You mean Oh gods of hangovers?

        • Jordan Hiller

          Good to see a Discworld fan here

          • Anarchyant

            I think she is more prone to worship Bibulous rather than Bilious :)

  • Morgan Smith

    Ah jungle juice at its finest…. though im surprised she didn’t start with moonshine wood grain alcohol or everclear…

  • GamerKale

    Going straight to a Cajun for drink mixology. Good choice Rheagan.

  • http://www.giantgirladventures.com/ Sabrina Pandora

    I’m still working on developing a taste for Liquid Kryptonite…

    • Web

      In case Vampire/Zombie Superman shows up?

  • Jesse Henson

    I think I might have had this drink in Korea.