Merry Bitchmas

  • Jonathan Wint

    to be clear Santa’s Based on the Holly King, God of the hunt. Get drunk Eat well Get layed ! And thats a Real Pagan Christmas! Nothing to do with saint nick(mean old get)

    • Chris Smith

      So the Japanese who borrowed the Americanized version of Christmas, incorrect rebranding as a holiday to get drunk and get lucky, is actually more correct?

      Oh the irony!

  • Anthony Giarratano

    As an atheist, I do not celebrate the centuries-old Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus on the twenty-fifth of December, known as “Christmas”.

    Instead, I celebrate a modern, secular, gift-exchanging holiday officially recognized by the American federal government. My holiday just happens to have the same name and date as the Christian one. Go figure. ;)

  • Tales

    Sorry just started reading this and as it was posted in 2011 we had and still have as of 2015 a Muslim president.

    • MisterGunpowder


      • Tales

        Okay I’m not sure if he follows the Islamic faith but I do know that Obama sure as hell is not Christian, when what they say and what they do are two different things it’s called hypocrisy, I know that describes 99% of politicians, but it can also be applied to almost all faiths and beliefs.

        • MisterGunpowder

          Because Christians are never, ever hypocritical, right? Oh…oh wait. “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” – Matthew 7:1
          Yeah, a lot of that ‘not judging’ going around, huh?

          • Tales

            Please note I never said Christians were not hypocritical I said that almost all faiths and beliefs have some hypocrisy, there has to be at least one out there, yet if it exists I have never heard or read about it.
            Hell I’m Christian or at least try to be and I judge people daily, I mean no one is perfect but hey that’s part of the human condition.

          • Jesse Henson

            Tales, I don’t even know where to begin. I suppose that you’re one of those idiotic “Birthers”, so I’ll try to use small words.
            He was born in Hawaii.
            He went to a Christian Church.
            One of you people’s problems with him was the Christian Church Pastor he had/has that was a black community (dang it, big word) um… gathering of neighbors leader.
            He tries to make the world better, which I know pisses off Republicans. Democrats, too, truthfully.
            Faux News (Fox News) lies to you. Learn to think critically… sorry, big word, for yourself and do research from credible… another big word… trustworthy… damned. This is tough. Sources you can trust not to have a hidden agend… plan.

          • Tales

            Birther? oh you mean the whole birth certificate thing I really don’t care about that, I’m pretty certain that I would have a problem with Mitt if he would have won, I also don’t watch the news cause I can’t bring myself to give a shit about the 5 seconds of politics in between the Hollywood Hype.
            Everyone says they want to improve the world but I have yet to see anyone from either party do anything that doesn’t further their own agenda.
            So thanks for being a condescending (hey look a big word) jackass, a mindless sheep (which is what the government wants), and maybe a parrot.
            Next time try a thesaurus to find those synonyms you were looking for.

          • Christopher De Loof

            Way to be those guys who turn a random comment section into a pointless discussion…Yay internet?

          • Tales

            Yeah sorry about that, one of these days I need to remember that anyone from either the left or the right will develop a, if you’re not with us you’re against us attitude, and then learn to ignore those humans.

          • Christopher De Loof

            Tolerance is a really handy internet skill. Or plain not caring helps too.

  • Ichneumon Jones

    That does it, from now on I’m celebrating Bitchmas.

  • Tyler Witt

    Everything was fine until she said that Santa wasn’t real. That was just crossing the line.