Landmine Things

The current story arc starts here.

Good news, everyone! The books came in last week (again) and I spent the weekend checking through/signing them.


69 of them. Heehe.

Still working on getting the color issues printed, which might take a bit longer since I’m using a different printer for those, but once I finally get them I’ll be able to start the shipping process in the next few weeks.

  • GamerKale

    So, it’s not a flying fortress?

    • solkan

      It’s a flying fortress. But it’s a flying fortress over private property, and thus has landmines and guard dogs.

      Because armed forces and such harass you when you park your flying fortress over someone else’s property.

      • KCGarza

        Yep! Bingo. Though to be fair the cropping of the 3rd and 5th panels might be a little too close up for it to be clear that they’re yelling from the fortress.

  • Sean

    Really good! The dog’s expression is great.

  • zgrssd

    If you are leaving scorchmarks you need a bigger gun.
    If you are not even leaving scorchmarks, you should have run.

  • Sabrina Pandora

    Once a week?