It’s Good for You

So apparently Superbitch is listed in the ComicMix March Madness Webcomics Tournament! Why don’t you click over and give us a vote?

  • Dean

    A PCP-fueled rampage a day is good for you, I saw it on Reddit.

  • Chris Waters

    No Rhegan, it wasn’t Dr. Oz that told you that. Whoever told you
    that said you’d think you were in Oz.

    I think it was this guy.


  • GamerKale

    Rheagan, I wouldn’t trust anything Dr. Oz says. He seems kind of shady and he’s on tv.

  • Bruno Guedes

    Well, that escalated quickly :|

  • EndothermicNuclearBomb

    I think you mean Doctor Ozzy.

  • RazorD9

    Rhegan, I think you may have a problem… You forgot the kale for your cocaine.

    • Jazmine St. Cocaine

      Yeah, I mean she definitely needs her antioxidants….or whatever’s in kale.

      • GamerKale

        Wait what am I being used for?

  • Sabrina Pandora

    It’s sweet that she bothers to have an excuse for her friends, I think. It shows deep down that she really cares.

    Good Saturday night though.

  • This guy

    Ok now shes lying.
    Dr. oz is more likely to agree with weed