Is This A Bad Time?

The current story arc starts on this page.

Suuuper late strip, but hell it’s still Monday. Last week was pretty busy with finishing up finals and then traveling and doing stuff with the boyfriend’s family and friends. BUT it’s all good now. I posted some of the stuff I did for my final projects on my sketchblog and will have more to come in the next few days.

  • zgrssd

    Selling them en masses might not be the best idea on any event that might include snipers. Even if it is a sellers market (or maybe because it is).

    But then we get to see that apprently Art Hobo has some kind of force field powers.

  • Reece Bridger

    Daaaaamn! Whose bright idea (hur-hur) was it to sell laser pointers at a political debate?

    Also, considering it’s politicians, why bother stopping the sniper? ;)

    • :P

      because if one dies they deify the fucker and autopass the worst of his legislation in his memory

      …and then 2 more grow back worse to take his place. HYDRA

  • Ben Grismer

    Awesome, just awesome. lol

  • :P

    what kind of sniper uses lasers anyway? why not trust the sights? or at least spring for something beyond the visual spectrum and some special lenses