Is That a Trick Question

The current story arc starts on this page

Hey guys, one of my former classmates at SCAD, Rachael Briner, is kickstarting her own comic, SCHISMATIC. She’s a fantastic illustrator and the comic so far looks like an awesomely dark fantasy.



There’s only 4 days left in the campaign and they still have only a little over $2,000 to go, so go check it out!

  • Amaaré

    Yeah. Discreet. Because Rheagan does that SO WELL.

    • Jonathan Trouba

      Well, to be fair there’s two kinds of discrete. Inconspicuous, and no witnesses. Rheagan practices the latter.

      • Amaaré

        Depends how much of the city you blow up in the process really.

        • Bruno Guedes

          Now, look, if you blow the people *with* the city, it’s still a mission accomplished, right?

          • Amaaré

            You are technically correct, but that would mean blowing up all of the bars and booze shops too.

    • Pat

      Doesn’t =/= can’t.

      • Amaaré

        Technically correct, but I was speaking to character rather than ability, certain self control issues may inhibit discretion.
        Also largely taking the piss if that helps.

    • zgrssd

      Compared to him? Yes she does!

      In Justice League Unlimited we had Batman playing Good Cop. To quote GL: “Everything is relative”.

  • ToaKraka

    Discreet = secretive
    Discrete = separate

    So she wants them to split up and look for clues?

    • KCGarza

      Refresh page. :|