That Looks Important.

So today is my first day of Fall classes for my (hopefully) last year of college. I’m excited, but just judging by the syllabuses (syllabi?) that I’ve gotten, I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to update the comic twice a week. Obviously I’m going to try, and if I do end up going back to once a week then I’ll make a notice about it. But I figured I’d preemptively bring that up now.

Oh also, check out this SB Fan Theme parody made by The-Psychid on deviantART! I’m thinking of adding a section to the site for fan art, in addition to the shop I at some point want to set up.

  • OrlahEhontas

    Good blur effect in panel four. Really enjoying your comic.

  • Ichneumon Jones

    Mmm, tamales…