Identity Crisis

The current story arc starts here.

Edit: Ok, to explain the new name a bit more — as some people have previously pointed out, the name Paragon was already in use by another webcomic in the same collective as me, Scott Bachmann’s Super Mom. I hadn’t realized it when I first wrote this arc, and I didn’t want to cause any confusion or step on any toes. Maybe if it wasn’t his main character’s name it’d be less of a thing.

That said, Caroline at this point isn’t really much of a ‘Paragon’ either. And the name Creatrix (which means a female creator) is still keeping in line with her original alias Art Hobo, but it’s a little more….uh, dignified. It also sets things up for some other powers she develops later down the line, not to give too much away.

TL;DR: Because I said so, bitchlets.

  • Pinkk

    Oh no! I liked her as Paragon!

    • KCGarza

      I did too, but as somebody already pointed out, the name’s already in use in another webcomic (and another member of the Collective of Heroes) so I didn’t want to step on any toes.

      • zgrssd

        There was a similar issues with Captain Victory of Inc. Pen Comics had a similar issues.
        After many ideas he just renamed himself Captain Victorious.

        You could always just put something in front or put something behind it.

        The original Paragon was retired. So she could go as Paragon II.

      • Pinkk

        Are they in the same universe? I would think there would be a bit of toe stepping for webcomics.

        • CanuckAmuck

          It’s simply a professional courtesy to avoid it if one can.

  • GamerKale

    Lady Paragon?
    I’ve personally always been fond of Aegis, but that’s probably taken as well. The Artful Paragon!

    • GamerKale

      Kennedy, I trust you have superior ideas to my own, especially since this is your comic and you know better than I what fits your characters’ desires and styles far better than I do particularly in my falling aslep at the keyboard.

      • GamerKale

        Creatrix grows on you.

  • Sebastian Ferguson

    the all white costume really strains my eyes. would be nice if there was some color (Not real color, but still), but i understand that this is easier for you to make

    • KCGarza

      Yeah I’m thinking when this arc wraps up and the next ‘season’ starts maybe making part of it black or grey at least.

  • Chris Waters

    Good to see she’s keeping the costume, if not the name.

    And yeah, with her personality, no offense to her, but she wasn’t really a Paragon.

    Creatrix is good enough, though I do picture in this real world someone making a LEGO knock-off using that name.

    And while we can’t Google Super-Cunt in this world to find a Superbitch parody, I’m sure Rhegan has actually done that once…and I could imagine her reaction was interesting.

  • Chris Waters

    Also, will this mean an update to her “about” entry sometime?

    • KCGarza

      Yup, eventually!

  • Colin Warmbrodt

    I don’t know if this is the first time, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen use of the “c”-word from you. o.o

  • Zac Caslar

    I like the -trix, yeah.
    Aviatrix is a particular favorite.

  • Sabrina Pandora

    So one of these days when we finally meet, clearly it must be over cocktails on a rooftop. Because that’s where all of this stuff happens.

    Margaritas I’m thinking, or Fireball… or just gin.

    • KCGarza


  • Azmi Abdulhadi

    I like to think she was looking at the title of the page in the 4th panel.

  • Sora Neku

    I like Creatrix. It’s a good name.

  • niauropsaka

    I came here from Grrl Power because Dave mentioned you. And in the first panel, a Supermom reference! Should I start reading this strip too?

    • Monochrome

      Yes, it is so very good.

  • Sario528

    I don’t need another webcomic. I just followed a link from Grrl Power to look around and suddenly, I have a new webcomic.

  • Sario528

    I just looked through your website, and holy crap you’re good. There’s several of your environment pieces that I would love to have for my walls