Ice City

So for those of you guys not in the U.S, it was really fucking cold this week.


  • Sabrina Pandora


  • Sabrina Pandora

    I love that they could give a rat’s ass about stopping him, even after his insidious plan has gone into action, and instead they are still riffing on better names buried neck-deep in the snow. Classic.

  • Victoria Dreyer

    Rofltopical! :D

  • zgrssd

    I am amost certain the Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr. Freeze used “Cold Shoulder” and “Mist Ice Guy” as sutpid jokes, somewhere in that movie.
    As a serious supervillain you do not want to be connected to that.

    • Guesticus

      That was a great movie, if for no other reason than having the ‘real’ Bane

  • David Nuttall

    Canada’s been pretty cold for a last couple of months! For Groundhog Day, I am expecting the groundhog to refuse to come out of burrow, let alone see its shadow. “Shut up and let me hibernate. Its too damn cold to go outside. Winter is going to be really long! Happy now? Good, go away!”

  • Craig Huffman

    First, I like Snowmageddon. Good call! Second, this would be a lot funnier if my semester hadn’t been thrown off by missing 4 days for COLD! (Not snow…cold.) And about 4 more 2 hour delays for cold. Once in a while is fine, but my classes are more backed up than a vegan after an all you can eat steak dinner. :P

  • Jonathan Wint

    Well the important question Is what Pays better. A frozen city needing to be melted and saved from a Real THREAT or a city that thinks this guy might not be able to do what he claims and a Possible threat. SB is a capitalist after all.

  • Graeme Vallance

    Just found your comic. Very funny. I like how terrible everyone are as superheroes.

  • RazorD9

    Talk about your ice prick. The guy should learn to chill out and appreciate the work that our heroes went into some of those cool names. Cold Shoulder and Mister Ice Guy are cold and anything even Snow Queen would’ve been an improvement. Hell, Winter Wonder Man!