I Stand Corrected

The current story arc starts on this page.

Got a little behind the last couple of days, but here we go. And here’s a little bonus art I did over the holidays, in case you missed it:


Driving to Louisiana again tomorrow for more Christmas stuff, and then I’m heading back to Georgia for Winter quarter. Funny how I thought I’d have more free time over the break.

  • Andrew

    Ha! I read the newspaper in panel 6 anyway :-P

    • zgrssd

      Tried to myself. Could we get the full Interview? Or at least as much as was actually written of it, to make it appear as if there was a real article.

    • Ben Grismer

      Me too, I just put my screen reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaally close to my face. lol

    • mootstrap

      I read it before I saw the title text telling me not to, so I got I chuckle when I read that.

  • Jack

    How are you enjoying Mad Men?

  • Tyler Witt

    Panel 4 was how I essentially explained Trump. Worked as about as well as panel 7.