Hell on Heels

Aaaand done! It’s getting close to That One Part of the Quarter so it’s getting a little tougher to carve out time to work on the strip, but we’re not going anywhere! …Hopefully.

  • David Nuttall

    You have to love mid-term exams.

  • Sabrina Pandora

    Chunky heels are where it’s at. Stillettos murder my feet in like an hour, and I wear heels 8 to 10 hours a day…

    • KCGarza

      Chunky heels or wedges, most def! Stilettos are usually an every once and a while thing for me…

  • Sabrina Pandora

    And thus why Superbitch chooses stilettos to weed out the competition. Because if they are that dumb they need to not be out on the streets… blam!

  • Kunnaki

    I’ve never understood why girls wear those high heels to begin with. Some will say it pays to look good. Well, what’s the point of looking good if you don’t feel good? Besides, more than likely, no one’s staring at your shoes to begin with.

    • BennyBear

      Actually they make your butt look good. That is their entire purpose.

    • klieveke

      Well, it all started when the Hunns needed to stand up in the stirrups on their horses whilst firing arrows onto their enemies. High heels offered some extra grip for these strong powerfull warriors. A while after that, in the courts of the Sun King (of France (because where else)) it became fashionable amongst men of high stature to wear them for show, instead of just for riding. Since then it’s been an on-and-off fashiontrend untill the feminists in (not sure about the timetable there) the 19somethings started to wear them as part of the Pants-Liberation-Movement (I made that name up, basically; we started wearing boys clothing (citation needed :P)) Naturally, this was seen as a bold move, naughty even, which brought high heels a different sort of popularity… Which I think led to stilletto heels? I have no excuse for those. Heels of any length change your stance, which makes your butt stand out. Personally I can’t wait for it to be socially acceptable for men to be wearing them again ^.^

      • Kunnaki

        Congratulations, you just scored an ‘A’ in bullshitting.

  • Jonathan Wint

    And that Explain how Wonder Woman dose it!