Guest Comic: Beer Goggles, part 2

Today’s guest comic was constructed entirely by a crate full of tiny electric eels, and by Ethan Kocak, who does the comic The Black Mudpuppy (whose titular character is Rheagan’s coyote ugly date there).



  • GamerKale

    Is it bad that for a moment I thought she was upset because she had accidentally killed him? I mean, that looks a lot like blood and that would mean she had basically ruined some perfectly good clothes.

    • The Black Mudpuppy

      I’m not going to say it *isn’t* blood.

      • Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz

        More than likely that blood might technically be vomit.

      • GamerKale

        I… what? Uh, is vomiting blood normal for him?

        • KCGarza

          Well he did use to have a habit of eating cats, so who knows?

  • Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz

    Lawd… I’ve been there.

  • Brian

    This was good, but I have trouble seeing Rheagan going on a date or entering into a relationship, however brief. In my mind, though she is technically straight, she couldn’t get it on with a dude, because there would always be the danger of him enjoying it, and she could never stand that. :)

    • KCGarza

      Hah no, Rheagan likes sex, it just hasn’t really been touched on in the comic yet. And she *did* date Steve for a good while before he got all…Steve.

      • GamerKale

        I’ve always been under the impression that Rheagan is a fan of all seven of the deadly sins. Gluttony in particular, what with the alcoholism.

    • Pinkk

      I’m curious were you think she wouldn’t want the guy she’s with to enjoy it. :p

  • A.S. Williams

    Those last two panels are freaking comic genius. I’m actually jealous. I am totally going to steal that method.