Group Therapy

Alright alright, boo on Kennedy for missing two updates in a row. Things went dark there for a bit as far as my technology (and school/work schedule) goes, but we are back on track again!

(This seems to keep happening. Maybe I’ll have a bit of funds leftover from the Kickstarter to get a more reliable computer….)

Anyway, I am still wrapping up the book and I hope to send it to the printer, but as always I’ll keep you guys posted.

  • Scott Madison

    Hey Kennedy!

    I want to get some Signed Artwork and (hopefully) a coffee Mug… Damn real world… Interfering with my SuperBitchiness…. You’re probably doing something lame. Like college or moving or an actual job or giving us out all our cool stuff from kickstarter or something like that. -But I still want my Coffee Mug!