Good News

Late strip today, due to my shitty computer being shitty again. Ended up having to finish most of this on a school Cintiq, which actually (I feel) improved the line quality a bit. So, silver linings and all that.

Anyway, after this storyline wraps up I’m probably-but-hopefully-not going back to updating once a week instead of two. I’m not really sure yet. School hasn’t really gotten too terribly busy, but I get the feeling it’s about to in the next few weeks.

  • razord9

    So due to how fucked up the world is, Hell can only except the worst humanity has to offer. Hate to imagine how heaven is like.

    • Kennedy

      Probably pretty similar to Earth, but with like free food and shit.

  • XMinusOne

    Hell is an excellent place for all the wannabe pedophiles who watch to pre-pubescent beauty contests and all those poor little girls parents too for getting them into that creepy business so they can live vicariously through them.