Good Listener

The current story arc starts here.

The bank teller there is played by Preston Tesvich, one of the first few Kickstarter backers that sprung for a guest appearance in the strip. Speaking of Kickstarter, as of yesterday all of the domestic rewards for the $50 tier are in the mail! The international orders and other tiers will be off later this week.

  • Sabrina Pandora

    My regret for not springing for that extra twenty bucks is now magnified tenfold at seeing the lush rewards of paradise in the form of a cameo that I will never experience for having been a tightwad.

    Damn you, me of the past!

    • KCGarza

      To be fair though you DID get a 2-page crossover instead!

      • Sabrina Pandora

        Aw, see, I was gonna leave that part out to give voice to those who now long for their missed opportunities for cameos (which means they will be that much more motivated to get in on that action for the next book!).

        I heart our crossovers, have no fear.

  • Chris Waters

    Yes, books on the way!

    As for the comic…I knew that Rhegan’s ego would be there for when she learned about Paragon. :)