Furlough Life

Superbitch, inc. isn’t federally funded, but if Congress can arbitrarily abdicate their responsibilities to the people then shit, so can we.

I’ll be honest, this whole strip was just an excuse for me to draw a velociraptor.

  • Dean

    It’s T-rexes who have the little arms. Velociraptors are capable of replacing the toilet roll, they just don’t bother.

    They also drink the last of the orange juice, and put the empty bottle back in the fridge.

    • http://www.superbitchcomic.com Kennedy

      God! Who keeps inviting the velociraptors everywhere?!

      Lol I think you’re the first person to notice the little alt-text comments. Or at least the first to acknowledge them anyway.

    • Lance Carter

      those arms are not that short

  • Andrew

    I always make sure to read the alt text. That’s where the true creative genius is!

  • Jared Warren

    nope; I pay attention

  • songflightgirl

    It’s a good velociraptor. XD Excuse granted.

  • Lance Carter

    I use that velociraptor as an insult to inconsiderate people