“Hi I’m Quinn and I’m the punchline guy.”

Finally bout to wrap up this story arc and sometime this week I want to start working ahead. Granted, every time I try to work ahead on this strip it goes down like one of those muted-color clips from an infomercial:

Yeah anyway, so as always, you can find Superbitch on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and even deviantART if you so fancy. See you Monday! I promise.

  • Anthony Giarratano

    I love that muted-color clip from an infomercial. What, indeed, is that infomercial? I love how they always have the clumsiest, stupidest characters using the “other guys'” product. XD

    Seriously, if your problem is such that you would do that with your food, I am very curious to know what product is supposed to solve that problem.

    • Brian Mann

      A feed bag, perhaps?