Friendship is Profitable

The current story arc starts on this page.

What else are friends for?
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  • David Nuttall

    This guy has yet to sell merchandise suitable to his situation. Laser pointers are not needed at a political debate and unauthorized use of a trademark or copyright can be expensive when the trademark/copyright holder confiscates your goods without compensation, then sues you for your profits from sales of unauthorized goods. On yeah, all the legal fees and court costs are yours as well.

    • KCGarza

      …Yep. Glad you got the joke.

      • Ben Grismer

        lol So when I ACTUALLY start illegally selling merchandise, you have sound legal advice from your fans! Hooray!!!

  • Kwaj

    I am too lazy / shy to call the phone number. But, I want it on record that I see the phone number.

  • drachefly

    pfft at the title