Fightin’ Words

The current story arc starts here.

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  • Chris Waters

    Either Caroline is luring Rhegan in, or she’s just still mad.


    • zgrssd

      I guess Caroline just wants SB to get it our of her system.

      • podian

        No, Caroline just wants to get it our of HER system.

        • KCGarza

          Yep, bingo.

    • Jesse Henson


  • Sabrina Pandora

    I am popping popcorn in my mind even as we speak.

    • OrlahEhontas

      Oh, wait. You said in your mind and I’m doing it for real.

  • Jerry Harris

    Hmmmm…I wonder if SB is angling toward being the world’s first superhero with henchmen…

  • Maxim

    I’m with Superbitch on that one, sure she may do a lot of damage as hero and a villain, but she did save Paragon/Art Hobo’s life just, a little thanks would be nice…

    Then again this was brewing for a while.

    • Ira

      I dunno, we really don’t know the extent of her powers. She didn’t seem too concerned about being caught by V, so either she was REALLY sure that SB was coming or she’s significantly more powerful than she lets on.

      • Maxim

        I guess we’ll find out if really go at it ^_^