And we’re back! Again! Don’t worry, Superbitch will actually show up in her own comic soon.

In the meantime, you can help the site get back to its pre-hiatus numbers by voting for it on Top Webcomics, sharing it on your Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr, and by going out into the streets dressed as Superbitch and banging a large bass drum emblazoned with the site’s url. Just kidding, I’m sure there’s something illegal about that last part but I’m not sure what. Does anybody actually read these posts underneath the comic?

  • Brian Mann

    Yes, because I’m ashamed to admit that my eyebrows shot up when I read “banging a large”, and then I went “OH!” when I read the next line.

    Dirty mind, thy name is Brian.

  • Chris Waters

    Carmen Sandiego, this woman is not.

    Don’t worry about taking too long with returning Rhegan. I’m used to the title character not appearing from recent Giant Girl issues.

    And I’d look horrible dressed as Superbitch.

  • David Nuttall

    Don’t you just love it when security systems use infer-red laser grids?

    • http://myanimelist.net/profile/OrlahEhontas OrlahEhontas

      Normally I don’t do this, but I’ve worked in electronics to long to let it go – “infra-red, not infer-red. Unless you were trying to say “inferred”, i.e. implied, and judging by the number of weapons pointed at her tail, there ain’t nothin’ implied about that system a-tall

  • Chuck

    FYI Your home page STILL isn’t updating (for me anyway). It’s still showing the “Maximum Security” page now. I found this page when I went to your twitter page to find out why it hadn’t updated yet. I’ve cleared my cookies and cleared my cached images and files, I’ve hit refresh, I’ve gone to google and entered “superbitch” and still end up at the Maximum Security page as the home page. I noticed someone on your facebook page mentioned the same problem.

  • http://www.giantgirladventures.com/ Sabrina Pandora

    Let the camera wander. Let other characters have the stage, to set the stage for more to come. The story isn’t told in a day.

    That was my best Obi-Wan Kenobi shit right there. Did it fly?