Executive Peddling

Speaking of circumventing traditional publishing, I was planning on launching the Kickstarter today, but at the time I’m writing this it’s still stuck in the review queue. Clearly the best course of action is for you to stay here, staring at this page, hitting refresh over and over until an update appears.

Alternatively, you could follow Superbitch on Twitter or Facebook, where I will announce the launch with with all the fanfare of a thousand un-tuned trumpets the millisecond that it’s ready!



  • Sabrina Pandora

    God help me, now I want to write a Superwitch story.

    “No children- if you shake the martini, the gin will bruise! Just like Monstro over there!” >cue laugh track<

  • Trickcyclist

    Hmm, I came here from fac3book and all I can think of now is what the punchline was before you took it to the vet. Hints for the less sensitive?
    Also, bruised gin, heh

  • nroejb

    I remember that this excat set up (artist with a new fresh idea in negotiation with publisher that claims to love the work but only has a few changes to make it more mass marked compatible, which would end up making the new fresh idea into some tired old clishe) was a recuring joke in a radio comedy show from the late 80’s and early 90’s.
    I really liked that one (listened to it in internet archives), but have to say: the gag is at least 22 years old, more of a classic nowadays.

  • nightgaunt

    When will the witches of the world unite to end witch being the substitute for bitch?

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