Don’t Be S.A.D.

Lifehack Tip: Quickly tell everyone around you that you have about as much dignity as the average brony by loudly complaining about being single on Valentines’ Day!

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  • Eric Meissner

    Those two want to spend Valentine’s Day together. Alone. The bad slash-fic writes itself from there.

    • KCGarza


      Although I feel like the phrase “bad slash-fic” is kind of redundant.

      • Eric Meissner

        Granted, but I like to avoid any possible ambiguity.

        It would be interesting to see both of their reactions to seeing said slash-fic…

      • Jesse Henson

        Actually, I’ve read some very good slash… it’s rare, but it happens.

    • Ben Grismer

      You know there WERE some theories back in highschool… lol

  • RazorD9

    Prefer “the day before the Valentine candy is marked down day”. Try to think of a more catchier name though. Chocofest?

    • KCGarza


  • HumalaDuck

    Perhaps more annoying than single people loudly lamenting their relationship status on Valentine’s Day are coupled people loudly resenting being told to commemorate their relationships. It’s just as annoying in itself, plus it’s sure to set off the single people again.

  • King Mabel

    Hey,some bronies are legit

  • Jonathan Wint


  • Kunnaki

    I, myself, have never really been into Valentine’s Day. I just don’t see the point in it. It’s suppose to be a day to tell your lover how much you love them, correct? So, does that make the rest of the time you say, ‘I love you’ meaningless? If not, wouldn’t everyday be Valentine’s Day?