That’ll Do.

Food is pretty much always acceptable payment.

Unless it’s from Sonic. Fuck Sonic.

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  • Jaydot Sloane

    VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION are those burritos or tamales? Because I have no doubt I would straight up do murder for little old mexican lady tamales.

    • Kennedy

      Tamales, definitely. OHMAHGAWD yes.

  • Craig Huffman

    In Germany, there are a lot of Turkish people. Turkish people like gyros (domers) and Germans like pizza. The result…gyro pizzas. I swear, I should open up a store that sells these on OSU’s campus, and retire ridiculously rich.

    • Kennedy


  • Andy Oakley

    I see you’ve deleted my comments. Figures.

    • Kennedy

      Duh? Don’t turn my comments section into a shitfest and it won’t happen again.

      • Andy Oakley

        And I apologized for that, but you could have left the original comments up to which you responded ay least. That part was a reasonable discussion.

  • Ichneumon Jones

    Sonic Cinnasnacks… All is forgiven.