Devil’s Delight

Daredevil, I watch it for the uh…plot. I like the plot.


Friday, 4/17/15 — No strip today guys, sorry. Been pretty under the weather this week and didn’t get much chance to work on the comic. Continues as normal on Monday!

  • Senari

    Whoo plot! It has a very nice plot.

    And the plot has nice abs.

  • David Nuttall

    But the question is can he act better than Affleck?

    • Paul

      Uhm … who can’t ? I mean Affleck s Daredevil … I think it actually burned parts of my brain dead …

      • Jason M Bryant

        I don’t love Affleck, but I really put the blame for that movie on the director. I actually bought the DVD just so I could hear the director’s commentary. I *love* commentaries from directors who think they’re good, but they’re not.

        Credit where it’s due, the Director’s Cut is significantly better. The studio basically said, “The movie is too long, so cut out all the best scenes.”

        • Paul

          You may be right – I forgave him after Argo …

  • Sigurther

    hahah, she’s actually drooling in panel two.

    • CanuckAmuck

      …Panel five.


      • Sigurther

        Originally I wrote panel two. Yay, premature senility.

  • Jordan Hiller

    OK, what the hell is up with Creatrix’s eyes? Is it just because she’s crushing on the actor?

    • KCGarza

      Well that plus the LSD that Superbitch hid in to the popcorn.

      • Jordan Hiller

        …Considering Superbitch’s attempt at a mixed drink and her followed ‘health advice’, that really doesn’t sound too far off.

  • Hornet

    The Sai scene isn’t bad either.

  • OrlahEhontas

    I’m surprised Rheagan was able to form a sentence in the last panel.

    Much less recognize that the actor was using words. :)

  • Sabrina Pandora

    Watched it tonight. WORDS.

    Pretty, charming and clever words wrapped around how comics onscreen should look… the simple sets softly lit and dirty, the warm, soft, shadowy lighting, the grime and detail of the set design, the atmosphere, the logic behind the fact that heroes demolish so much shit it lets the criminal element take hold which gives way to a new rise in organized crime…

    Sometimes I look at the work of others and despair because I don’t think I can achieve that level of storytelling. And sometimes I will see something that makes me believe that so much more is possible.

    Also, I think there might have been a little acid in the popcorn.

    • zgrssd

      Just watched the first two episodes myself.

      It is an interesting take on the whole matter. It explains nicely why daredevil (and other “local” heroes) are needed to save the city.
      While the Avengers and Agents of Shield are saving the world.

      It is also a nice break from when “realistic” meant “bloody” and “trama inducing plotlines” for comics. You know the “brown age of comics”:

  • GamerKale

    And by under the weather you mean distracted by “plot”, right?
    Seriously though I’m sorry to hear that, my sister’s had some sort of bug all week too. Hope you get to feeling better!

    • KCGarza

      Haha, yeah I went to Megacon last weekend and I think I might have picked up a case of con crud. Knocked me out for like two days. Thanks though!

  • RazorD9

    He sure has a very nice “plot” there. Mmmmhmmm.