The current story arc starts here.

Edit: Woops, sorry about that folks. WordPress decided not to auto-update last night. Looking into it now.

  • Chris Waters

    That’s just sneaky, getting us away from the duo’s break-up to make us wait for more.

    And are we sure this is Texas? Seems more like Florida swamp country with how that guy near Quinn looks.

    • KCGarza

      Texas is a colorful and geographically diverse shitshow.

      • Sabrina Pandora

        Preeeetty sure the author knows this little hellhole really, really well.

        Besides, look in the background. low mountains in Florida? Not even in Clermont :)

      • jwwasnothere

        Awww, shitshow is maybe a bit harsh for the whole state. On the other hand, while i don’t know Deadrock there are certainly a number of towns here that would fit the profile.

  • David Barrack

    I was having an issue with WP not updating when scheduled. I found a plugin called “WP Missed Schedule” and that seems to have fixed it.

    • KCGarza

      Eeeexcellent. Thanks Dave!