Death by Monologue

The current story arc starts here.

In case you missed it: Volume One is finally up for sale on Amazon! I’m also running a giveaway contest on the Facebook page — all you have to do is like this post by Monday night and you’ll be entered to get a free copy of the book.

In other news, I’ve also made a few tweaks to the site, including finally uploading Vermillion to the cast page. There’s also a few upcoming convention appearances listed, including (but not limited to) Heroes Con in Charlotte this July.

  • Pinkk

    So really, deep down, the problem is, V is just jelly of those with powers.

    • GamerKale

      Well, I know I would be. I’ve also decided that if ever there was a superhero who ran around calling us humans mortals, I’m looking at you Thor, I would go the supervillain route just to kick their butt.

      • Pinkk

        Well, to be fair, in Thor’s case, it’s quite accurate.

        • GamerKale

          Do not care, also not necessarily depending on which ‘verse we’re in, I am gonna kick his greater than though long lived alien butt. Then hang up my cape and offer my tech/services, depending on how I manage it, to the government in exchange for protection from the inevitable retaliation by a pissed off hammer tossing demigod.

    • KCGarza

      She hella jelly.

    • David Nuttall

      Yup, after that punch, her jaw would have the consistency of jelly. Maybe much of her skull.

  • GamerKale

    I think Rheagan may have just solved Vermillion’s little talking too much problem. What with breaking her jaw and possibly making her bite off part of her tongue right there. And if she didn’t break the girl’s jaw then, Vermillion must have superhuman durability, or SB was really pulling her punch.

  • Chris Waters

    Really, if she’s so jealous of those with super-powers, just invest in a power transference device and steal them from Superbitch or someone. It’s not that hard an idea.

    • Kunnaki

      Would YOU try to steal powers from SB?

  • Pinkk

    Thinking on it, this is also likely a scene showing that SB and Paragon may have fights, but they’ll both forever be friends!

  • rpenner

    Any uneducated _thug_ can come up with the idea to kill one’s nemesis. It takes a _genius_ to come up with the idea of profiting from your nemesis. Instead, we get tired goals of ruling the world (why? how much free time do you think you’ll have??) or sordid land deals brokered on the tears of millions. (Billions!)